Who’s this?

Hello! So, you might be wondering- what on earth is Fonmanu Creative? You might already know. You might not give a shit. BUT I’M GONNA TELL YA ANYWAY!

Fonmanu Creative is basically me.


Fonmanu Creative is Judy Alfereti

That’s me. Judy Alfereti (cool stage name, bro). Aye so basically, I’m an actress/writer living in Glasgow. I started acting classes in May 2013 with Acting Coach Scotland, and then with the UK Screen Acting Academy. I started writing and producing my own work in 2014. Since then, I’ve been churning out bangers left, right and centre, and trying to make a career out of this. It’s going….alright.

Aye, so, Fonmanu Creative is me. I write stuff, act in it and fund it. I don’t really know what I’m doing with everything else, so that’s when I hire in other teams/people. It’s lovely.

Want to talk about anything? Gives a shout: judy@fonmanucreative.com


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