Who’s this?

Hello! So, you might be wondering- what on earth is Fonmanu Creative? You might already know, but if you don’t, here’s the 411:

Fonmanu Creative is basically me.


That’s me. Judy Alfereti: writer/performer/all round MEGABABE.

I’m a queer, mixed-race writer/performer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I started acting classes in May 2013, and after struggling to get cast in productions, I started writing and producing my own work in 2014. I gained my Masters in Television Fiction Writing in 2020 (with a distinction, I am so smart).  My goal is to work in scripted television, preferably comedy-drama or soap operas, as a writer, script editor or storyliner.

I like weird, dark shit. My writing influences include: Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Dennis Kelly, Katherine Dunn and Zinnie Harris. Things that are slightly obscure, and have a bit of a macabre point of view. I’m fascinated with this sort of gothic, psychological look at the world, but that’s grounded in realism. Like, as much as I love horror, stories have to be believable, and it’s the human connection and journey that I enjoy most.

That’s why I love kitchen-sink dramas. Nothing compares to an incredible story that really focuses on the characters, making them relatable and human. My work tends to be issue-led, but focuses on how the characters behave. I want to entertain and engage the audience, but also have them emphasising and asking themselves “what would I do?”

I love writing. I love performing. I want to create stories that can change perceptions and spark conversation.

Want to talk about anything? Gives a shout: judy@fonmanucreative.com

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