Edinburgh Fringe 2017-the Aftermath

So that’s Edinburgh Fringe done for another year. What an exhausting year! Despite only doing 6 shows, compared to 20 last year, I’m just as tired but for very different reasons- my health being a main one.

I spent 3 nights prior to our first show in hospital, due to my vagina trying to kill me by way of urosepsis. Luckily, I’m not dead. But aye, that put a drain on the ole Judybabezzz. But yer gurl’s a fucking trooper and powered through for (most of) the show!

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

It’s Fringe Season! The most stressful of all the seasons, including mating season.

It’s that time of the year where you see a shit load of shows- some good, some terrible, some great, some just…aye alright- and, if you are performing, where you lose your fucking mind.

So what’s Fonmanu Creative up to this fringe? Well, this year we will not be taking a show to the festival for various reasons (exhaustion, being poor and traumatised) BUT I am doing a separate show, as is Amir (star of 2016’s In Utero), and Stephen (star of 2017’s In Utero). Here’s where to see us:

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The Next Step

So….what’s next?

With the Fringe well and truly over, it’s time to think what the hell I’m gonna do next. I’ve taken a well deserved break from doing any writing or acting and have spent my spare time binge watching Project Runway, sleeping and posing in the mirror. It’s been great, but now it’s time to be productive again. Continue reading

Two shows in

So we’ve just had our opening weekend and man alive, what an experience! This first show I was absolutely shitting it. I did the biggest nervous poo ever. And yeah, it went alright! 

But the SECOND show! Wowza, that shit was off da chain! Despite almost decking it on stage and falling off my chair, ot went really well. I’m very proud of it and now I can relax a bit and start enjoying the festival.

I’m so tired though. Someone let me nap on them.