One Week Down, One to Go

I am now over halfway through my 2022 Edinburgh Fringe run of Don’t Talk To Me About Love, and you know what? It’s going really bloody well! The first night was a bit ropey, but since then, I’ve been getting more and more confident, and killing it on stage!

Look at me go!

My first night! Although it was a bit ropey, one thing is never in doubt: I am hot.

I have now completed 8 shows, with audience ranging from 5 to 30 people. 30 people? THAT’S SOLD OUT, BABY!! SOOOOOLD OUT!! I can’t believe it! Let’s be honest, I’m not a name. I don’t do the stand-up circuit, I’m not on the ole TikTok. In essence, I’m a nobody.

A nobody that over a hundred people have taken an hour out of their day to see!

I’m feeling really blessed and happy. The best thing is how receptive the audience is to the material. I’ve had several people telling me how relatable it is, giving me hugs, thanking me for talking about borderline personality disorder. But also, people have been absolutely pissing themselves laughing.

That is always what I want to do with my work: make people laugh and make them think. The last thing I want to do is come across as preachy. I want to engage my audience, and take them on a emotional journey where they are totally engrossed.

Also, I want everyone to see how hot I am.

Six shows to go! Let’s be having ya!

Don’t Talk To Me About Love. 21:25-22:20. OMNICentre. Stage 1. Part of PBH Free Fringe.

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