Damn Judy, Back At It Again

With the Edinburgh Fringe!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s August, which means it’s time for the biggest arts festival in the world: Edinburgh Festival Fringe, more commonly known as Edinburgh Fringe. And yer gurl is once again performing because she is a glutton for punishment.

I’ll be performing this baby “Don’t Talk To Me About Love” as part of the PBH Free Fringe for fourteen days in a row. Yes. 14. Which at the time sounded like a great idea, but now I’m already starting to feel shattered. Urrrgh, power through you big ole goose, you can do this!

I’ve done this show before, so I’m confident that I can deliver the goods again. And again. And again. So that’s good. And I just got a sexy haircut, so I’m looking even hotter than before, if that was even possible. So yeah, no so anxious and stressed about performing, just about the Fringe in general.

Honestly, there’s something about Edinburgh and festivals that are just so… triggering. Like, it throws the ole BPD outta whack, and into wiggedy whack. Is it spelled wiggedy or wiggity? I think wiggity. So sorry, it throws the whole BPD outta whack and into wiggity whack. The good thing is that I’m hella aware of this, so I’m gonna be doing my best to stay on top of it. I’ll be driving back and forth, so that means no boozing, which will be strange, but probs for the best, and will let me keep a good grounding.

I’m also hella stressed that no one will turn up. Like, when I did In Utero, that was ticketed so I could see in advance how many people were coming. But this is free and unticketed, the audience just turn up. So it could be super busy or it could be totally empty. Obvz a busy crowd is better, but if it’s an empty room, I’ll still perform and will give myself the LOUDEST round of applause, because I am amazing.

I’ll be meeting some online pals too, which is always fun. As long as they don’t murder me, but I’m sure they won’t. I love meeting online pals and seeing how tall they are and if they smell bad or not. It’s always very exciting.

Sorry, I feel like I did have a point when I started this, but I’m having a coffee and just rambling.

Anyway, COME SEE MY SHOW! 8th-21st August. OMNICentre Stage 1. 21:25-22:20. Free, and unticketed.

Don’t Talk To Me About Love: After getting to grips with her BPD, Judy’s desperate to find love and spends her time shagging, drinking, being cool and wallowing in a pit of self-loathing, wondering why no one will ever love her. Like an absolute LAD. A one-woman comedy show that gives an honest and hilarious look into sex, love, mental health and Vanilla Ice.

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