Fucking hell. Where’s Bernard’s Watch when you need it?! 

So I’ve been ridiculously busy this past week. Far too busy to blog, which upsets me dearly. How will people know what I’m thinking? HOW HAVE YOU ALL COPED?!

Well this is mainly what I’ve been thinking: FUCK FUCK FUCK OH FUCK WHAT IS GOING ON OH MY GOD I AM SO TIRED OH GOD.

It’s good though! Aye this is a bit of a shite blog because I’m clearly rambling.


Today was a frustrating day at rehearsals. I don’t know what it was, but I just wasn’t getting it. And it’s not like it was mad hard stuff like spit some Shakespeare in an avant garde style whilst interpreting Chekov through use of masks. It was just…stand up here, move your arm there. Do it this way, do it that way. Simple.

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Rehearsals rehearsals 

(Said in style of SHAKIRA, SHAKIRA)

Rehearsals are well and truly underway for In Utero and fuck me, I’m shattered. But I’m loving it! Look at the venue we’re rehearsing in. Look at it! 

Look at it. Isn’t it beautiful?! I feel like a queen! Massive cheers to Fettes College, you are stars.

Aye, rehearsals.  They are going great, feeling more and more confident each time. BUT I JUST WANT TO SLEEP! My lovely day job has me working till 6am and then I’m rehearsing from…noon to 6pm and then back to work. It’s a struggle. But I’m doing ok! Power through! I love coffee. Oh man  I’m rambling again. I’m so tired. But wired. Tired and wired. I’m gonna stop talking I don’t know what I’m saying.