Week 1 at the Edinburgh Fringe

WE’RE ALMOST AT THE END OF WEEK ONE! I’m not gonna lie, I’m exhausted and on the tail end of a massive anxiety attack which was brought on by being a big ole drunky drunk. A big ole fun drunky drunk, but a drunky drunk nonetheless. Anway, how did it go?!

My show went very well. I’m really proud of it. However, I was having tech issues just before doors. As in, I had NO idea how to work anything and was in a bit of a panic. But it got sorted, so that’s good. I do feel like I rambled a bit at the start, but once I settled into it, it all went smoothly. The audience bloody loved it, and I got hella great feedback, which is all you need. Thank you so much to everyone who came along. I truly appreciate it. I’ll be performing Don’t Talk To Me About Love again on Monday 19th, so you can still catch it.

instagram fringe 1


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