Edinburgh Fringe 2017-the Aftermath

So that’s Edinburgh Fringe done for another year. What an exhausting year! Despite only doing 6 shows, compared to 20 last year, I’m just as tired but for very different reasons- my health being a main one.

I spent 3 nights prior to our first show in hospital, due to my vagina trying to kill me by way of urosepsis. Luckily, I’m not dead. But aye, that put a drain on the ole Judybabezzz. But yer gurl’s a fucking trooper and powered through for (most of) the show!

This year, I did an improv show called “Improv Ninjas Save the World”. We took a threat from the audience, and based off that, improvised a show. Suggestions included “Attack of the Syphalyphtic Whip”, “Revenge of the Psychotic Coroner” and “Attack of the Vindictive Printer Fireman”. Did we save the world? Yes, most of the time. Did we rock the world? Obviously.

This was a massive learning experience. Improv is an amazing thing to do. I find it incredibly fun, creative and rewarding. Starting from nothing and creating a captivating story, with different twists and turns, not having a clue what is happening next- it’s a thrilling adventure. And it’s something I feel proud of. Something I’m very proud to put my name next to, and to tell the world- here, I just blew your goddamn mind and I didn’t even know what I was doing.

However, it can also be a struggle. Sometimes during a scene you can get completely lost and can’t see a way out. All you can tell is that you are spiralling down a path you don’t want to, but you don’t know how to save yourself. You’re in a scene, falling further into a pit of despair, trying to crawl your way out, but you just keep digging and digging. You’re hoping and praying your team mates will save you, but they’re just as lost as you. They’re standing there, trying to throw you a rope, but they keep missing. (God, this is a good metaphor) Or you’ll be the one watching, trying to throw life rings to your team, but your aim is shit and you just end up pushing them under water (god, that was an even better metaphor. I’m so good at writing).

That happened a few times, and it was hard. But, we managed to rescue it before it got too dark, and you know what, we did some killer shows. Sometimes shit goes wrong, and you just have to fight through the current to get to shore (killing it with these methaphors, mate). Overall, I had a blast and am very proud of what myself and the Improv Ninjas achieved.

So, what’s next for Fonmanu Creative? Well, I saw some truly inspiring shows at the Fringe, and it’s given me a lot of ideas for concepts, writing styles, etc. Shout out to Men With Coconuts and Acting Coach Scotland for some engaging, entertaining and creative shows. Both these companies gave me a lot of ideas and I’m buzzing to get started.

I’m applying to do a Masters in television fiction writing, so this year I’ll be working on getting my portfolio together. The plan is to do some writing prompts from reddit and let the creative juices flow. I’ll be posting all my writing here, so feel free to critique/gush about how amazing I am.

Every piece to be filled with amazing metaphors.

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