Edinburgh Fringe 2017

It’s Fringe Season! The most stressful of all the seasons, including mating season.

It’s that time of the year where you see a shit load of shows- some good, some terrible, some great, some just…aye alright- and, if you are performing, where you lose your fucking mind.

So what’s Fonmanu Creative up to this fringe? Well, this year we will not be taking a show to the festival for various reasons (exhaustion, being poor and traumatised) BUT I am doing a separate show, as is Amir (star of 2016’s In Utero), and Stephen (star of 2017’s In Utero). Here’s where to see us:

First up, your main gurl. The big mama jama. The Queen of the Andals. Breaker of Chains. Writer and actress and all round mega babe- IT’S ME! Judy!! (thunderous applause)

This year, I will be performing with my improv team, the Improv Ninjas, as we try to save the world in our completely improvised show The Improv Ninjas Save The World!


Look how badass we are. We’re so great. And really funny. So aye, we make it up on the spot and have no idea what we are saving the world from. THAT’S UP TO YOU! We performed at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, and successfully saved the world from The Revenge of The Racist Avocados. Let’s hope we do the same this time.

Show details: 11th- 18th August, 7.05pm-8pm. Ciao Roma, 64 South Bridge. FREE!

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s your word suggestion! 

A big deadly bad thing of malice is threatening to wipe off life as we know and tolerate it. Will the Improv Ninjas rise to the occasion and save the day??? Let’s be real: probably not… but by Zeus’s burly white beard they will give it their all!! 

Join us as we take on the world’s most impossible threats! Anything from racist avocados to mansplaining martians to brexit-supporting fields of wheat. We will take them all down or die trying!”

Next up, star of this year’s production of In Utero, it’s yer boi Stephen Arthur. Stephen will be playing the young Alan Longmuir in I Ran With The Gang: The Story of Alan Longmuir, the Original Bay City Roller. He wears a very sexy wig, and looks like a hot piece of ass. And you know, is really good at acting and singing and that. This show had great success last year, AND sold out in Canada. Canada!! Imagine!



Show details: Aug 4, 6-11, 13-18, 7pm, Le Monde (Venue 47) ​, £15.

“Direct from a sold-out appearance in Toronto, the 2014/15/16 smash-hit sell-out show returns. Written by award-winning playwright Liam Rudden and featuring the hit Bay City Rollers songs Bye Bye Baby, All of Me Loves All of You, Keep on Dancing, Summerlove Sensation, Saturday Night, Give a Little Love and Shang-a-Lang! So don your tartan and get ready to run with the gang one last time. It’s shang-a-lang-a-tastic! Rollermania is back! ‘Fantastic night of nostalgia!’ (Edinburgh Evening News).”

Last but not least, it’s the man himself, the devilishly handsome star of In Utero 2016, Amir Tabrizi. This year, Amir has been studying the full time course with Acting Coach Scotland, and as part of the course, you gotta do a run at the Edinburgh Fringe. How amazing eh! Amir will be performing in Walls and Bridges  alongside his course mates. For some, this will be their first festival, so hope they are ready for the chaos!


Show details: Aug 4-5, 7-12, 14-19, 21-26, 2.20pm, theSpace on North Bridge, £7/£5.

“In a Trump-coloured, post-Brexit, wall-building world – is there more to bring us together than keep us apart? Inspired by real stories and featuring verbatim accounts – this devised piece challenges notions of home and belonging. An uplifting tonic for troubling times.”


So there you have it, the only 3 people worth seeing at the Fringe. COME SEE US ALL!



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