Where you been, gurrrl?


So aye, I’ve been super quiet recently and for this I apologise. I know you all missed me, and I missed you too. BUT HERE I AM, BETTER THAN EVER WITH, LIKE, HUNNERZ TO SAY, AND HUNNERZ OF IDEAS.

First of all, our run of In Utero at the Southside Fringe went fantastically. Honestly, I am so proud of how it went, and how the story has developed. We managed to get good audiences for each show, and as a team I felt Stephen, Kyle and I worked very well together and truly moved the audience. And the best part? I GOT TO HAVE A WEDDING!!!!!! Kyle wanted to start the show with a slideshow of David and Jenni to show their relationship, and so Stephen and I had to pose for our wedding pictures, and honestly it was the best day of my life. My real wedding will never top it. Look how good we (me) look! LOOK:


❤ ❤ ❤ TRU LUV 4 EVA ❤ ❤ ❤

What’s next for In Utero? I’m gonna put her to the side for now. As much as I love her and I still want to develop her, mama needs a break. She’s been a pure love/hate child of mine for so long that I just need some distance. You know, stop being so clingy, stupid play. I love you. I’ll come see you soon, I promise.

Asides from the show, I bought a flat! Yer gurl’s an actual homeowner with a mortgage and bills and shit. Check me out! So that’s been heavy stressful and taken up shitloads of time. I’m still decorating it now, but trust me, it looks banging.

I have also been hit with a bad case of post show blues. Yer gurl has mild depression and anxiety, with mega abandonment/attachment issues, and also hasn’t been going to therapy for the past few months. So I’ve been a bit…let’s say scatty. Rollercoaster of emotions. Mainly I’ve been feeling abandoned, and have been depressed. Some days I find it hard to get out of bed, ya know? Like…why should I bother? Have had no motivation to do anything productive. My days have been spent lying on he couch and binge watching shows (side note- HOW AMAZING IS GOSSIP GIRL?? xoxo, yaaas bitch!) The love life has also been…..interesting. Mainly good, but mainly…..interesting. I’ll leave it at that.

So aye, with all that shiz going on, I’ve neglected the thing I love the most: writing and acting. But I am going to be super productive from now on. Yer gurl’s got a plan. Yer gurl’s gonna be a star.

Stay tuned for the wonderful adventures of Fonmanu Creative. We gonna be big.

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