So, after yesterday’s frustrating rehearsals leaving me wanting to cry and have a bath and drink lots of wine and cry some more, today’s was absolutely amazing. I’m so pumped up! Let’s go team, let’s go! I need to remember that I love acting, and I need to enjoy these rehearsals and not get myself pure stressed out. 

But why are you so stressed out? You got hunnerz of time before the Fringe? Calm doon hen!

Yes, you have a valid point. We do have hunnerz of time, over 3 weeks till we open. Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy!

However, we are having a preview show at The Shed in Glasgow on Friday 15th July (ie 2 days away), hence the stress. I’m getting spots! I’ve never in my life had spots, and now I’m like a big, greasy teenager. Urgh. Go away pimples, keep Judy beautiful!

Oh aye, anyway The Shed. Yes. We are doing a preview show, followed by a Q&A discussion type thingy with the audience. I’m very excited about it! Hopefully I don’t get teared to shreds. I dread being torn to shreds, I’d much rather be in bed with a pillow under my head.

I should go into rap.

judy_shed (1)

Photo and all that jazz done again by that babe Keir Laird. Honestly, he’s a fucking amazing photographer.


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