In one of the scenes, I do an impression of my husband cry-maxing For those uncool kids who don’t know what that is (I had to look it up), it’s when as you climax and orgasm, you also start to cry. Hence, the mash-up name cry-max. 

I never encountered a partner who cry-maxed. As a woman who has had a, oh let’s say….reasonable, number of lovers, I can conduct my own market research, and it’d be pretty reliable. So, I don’t know if cry-maxing actually exists. Maybe it’s an urban legend? Maybe I’ve just been lucky?

Imagine  your lover just burst into tears though. What would you do? I think I would burst into tears too, and be all “AM I BAD AT SEX?” and just cry and cry and cry. And I’m a proper ugly crier, so then I’d get self-conscious and cry some more. Probably end up running out the room and never see the guy again, even if we’d been arried for 10 years.

Imagine if was the cry-maxer. That would be mad embarrassing. I’d be mad paranoid doing the dirty, I don’t think I would be able to relax and focus. And then I’d cry.

Jeezo. Too many tears.

If anyone has any cry-max stories they want to share, feel free!

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