Ah “Unplanned”, the first thing we ever produced. #memories. Written by Fonmanu Creative’s main baller (me) (do people still say baller? Am I saying it right?) and produced in assosication with our pals Indie Theory Productions, here is our first baby:

Awww, look how young!

So this was a mad eye opener for me. Turns out producing a short film is shit tonnes of work. I mean, it was called “Unplanned”, but we planned so much. Maybe because it was our first, and ITP’s first, we were being over cautious. Man alive, so much planning! But I loved it, because I love making plans. I bought so much new stationary. Mmmm….pens.

Anyway, I’m very proud of my little baby “Unplanned”. We later adapted this into a short play (roughly 25 minutes), where it is revealed that Katie and Robbie did have an abortion. That was a very tearful performance, but more on that laterz.

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