Herbs and Spices

You know that way when you have a certain order for putting shit in? Like…your mugs all have to have their handles facing the same way, or your towels have to be folded correctly? Or your herbs and spices have to be put in the right fucking order?  Yeah? Yeah? You know what I’m talking about? Yeah? And you know that absolute rage when someone decides to just be like “Oh, fiddle-de-dee, these rules don’t apply to me. I’ll just fucking chuckj shit arounda nd whatever the fuck iwant becuase I’m a fuckign aasssssh”

I’m sorry. I couldn’t finish. I got too upset.

Here’s our second short film. Totally not based on a true story

See, it’s ❤ tru luv ❤ Made once again with our top pals Indie Theory Productions.

This was a lot of fun to shoot, mainly because I got to work with my best friend Sam. Isn’t he handsome? This was our last project together before he went and left me for Manchester, the dirty whore. And this was also lots of fun because it’s true. I mean, how hard is it to put them back in the right order? Do I need to fucking print out the alphabet and leave it stuck to the cupboard? HOW MUCH MORE CLEAR CAN IT BE!!!


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