Unfortunately, I had to delete my last post about a certain nude show, and I am not allowed to talk about it until further notice. So sorry about that. Rest assured, I am just as disappointed as you.

Anyway, moving on, I’m sure you’re all dying to know what is happening with my vagina. Well….a big fat nothing. Ziltch. Nadda. Nae action. For those who know me, know my previous blog, or read my now deleted post, you’re probably just as shocked as I am.

I have what my therapist likes to refer to as attachment issues and fear of abandonment. This means I’m quite desperate for affection and tend to get super attached super quickly to anyone that shows me some, say in the form of having sex with me. And then rocks in my fear of abandonment so my tactic is to SMOTHER THEM WITH KISSES AND LOVE AND THEN THEY’LL NEVER LEAVE ME EVER EVER EVER.

Long story short, I can be a heavy intense nutjob. But I’m hot, so you know…swings and roundabouts.

They will, of course, leave me. It’s inevitable. Yer girl isn’t worthy of love, just a quick ride. So then I jump into bed with the next one, and the cycle continues, yadda yadda yadda. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a lot of fun, and you get to smooch lots of hot men (and some ugly ones to balance it out), and everyone loves having an orgasm. But with all my emotional issues, it’s probably not the healthiest thing for me to do.

So I’m trying something new. I’m going to try NOT sleeping with anyone. I know, I know, it’s pretty radical. I don’t know whether to set a time limit on it, like no sex for 40 days like Josh Hartnett, or not. I think the danger there is that as soon as the 40 days are up, I’ll be like OMG FIRST MAN I SEE, TAKE ME RIGHT NOW. And they could be mad ugly. I think maybe just not sleeping with people so quickly. And don’t just sleep with them for the sake of getting laid. Maybe make a graph or a chart of some sort, to see if they are worth it. Weigh up the pros and cons etc.

What does this mean for my show, 46 and Counting? I don’t know. The good thing is that I have a colossal amount of experience already (ladsladslads) so can always draw on that if needed.

So here I go. Off out into the world of no sex. Wish me luck

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