Yes, that is correct. I am now thirty years old. Thirty. 3-0. Isn’t that something?! I never thought I would make it to thirty, but here I am, grey hair and all. I still look about 23 though so that’s good. Look at me. Look.DSCF0975

Like a little baby. (Excuse the wrinkles around my eyes. Don’t look at that. Look at em…my arm)

Has turning 30 changed anything? I don’t know. I feel pretty much the same. Except I have absolutely zero tolerance for bullshit and shit people. I can’t be done with time wasters, or shite bags, or stupid fucking BOYS. 29 year old Judy was all about the 21 year olds. 30 year old Judy is all about the 29 year olds. Mmmm a nice handsome man.  No more young, immature, stupid boys. Fuck, get back on track- focus. I’m so tired, I can’t. Urgh. Right. Yes. Zero tolerance. Fuck putting up with shite pals or crap relationships. I’m over it. I don’t have time to do things that don’t make me happy, and why should I?! Why should I dedicate part of my life towards someone or something that doesn’t improve my well being? That’s stupid. As stupid as those stupid fucking boys.

If it’s even possible, I think I’ve gotten more confident. I mean, I was already pretty damn confident, how can I get more? Well, I am living proof that it is possible to improve on perfection. Obviously I still have some insecurities (who doesn’t) but these aren’t controlling my life. I am very aware of my weaknesses (my whole 2 of them) and my strengths (all one billion of them) and how that all roles into one big amazing Judy. I’m still learning how to control some weaknesses, but by being aware of them and sensing habits I’m a much stronger person.

30 years old eh. I thought by this point in my life I would be married with some children and have a proper high powered job. I have none of those things. Does that make me a failure? I don’t know. Maybe? But I have a good job, making reasonable money, that I enjoy. I have 4 plant babies that are growing by the day (honestly, they are a handful). And the love life is ok. I’m happy with where it’s at. Overall, I’m happy with my life. So even though I haven’t got those things I thought I would, I’m happy. At the end of the day, that’s what’s important. Being happy. I am happy. And hot. So hot.

I have no idea what the future holds for me or where my life is going to go. I don’t need to though. I’ve got the rest of my life to figure that out. For now, I’m going to focus on being happy.

I also have no idea if this blog makes sense or what I’m even trying to say. I’m so tired. Let me go to bed.

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