Two days ago, I turned 31. But don’t worry, I’m still ridiculously attractive.


Honestly, what a babe.

30 was a weird year for me, very mixed feelings. However, in the last six months, things started to get better, and they continued to improve. I found myself getting happier and happier, and on the day I turned 31 I could truly say, without any doubt in my mind: I am happy.

I’m happy! What the hell! How did this happen?! Well, it’s been down to a combination of things. It sort of feels like a jigsaw, and all the right pieces have finally come together and created a beautiful smile on my beautiful face. Things have just…fallen into place, and it’s great. Very odd. Like…super odd. I mean, I like it. Being happy is the greatest, but it’s also a very unusual feeling. WHERE IS THE DOOM AND GLOOM? WHERE IS THE MISERY? Please don’t come back, but you know, where you go?

I am now in three improv teams, and I fucking love them to bits. We’re not just team mates, we’re friends, and I get such joy practicing and performing with them. As individuals, they are all funny, great people, so when we all come together to make shit up, it’s the highlight of my week. I’m such a sap.

Alongside these three teams, my friend Anna and I have started HER-larious! which is an improv workshop and jam for women, female-identifying and non-binary people. I love teaching and miss teaching the kids, but since I got my vag out on national television, probably not appropriate to work with kids anymore. So we created HER-larious. We want to encourage more women to get involved in improv, and create a safe space to develop our skills and have fun. And network! And make friends! It has been going very well, and I’m so proud of what we have created. More and more women are getting involved, and I’m meeting all these interesting gals and it’s bloody fantastic. Of course, at times it’s a struggle, but we power through it and have excellent communication and we work well together and I am very proud of us.

You know what else has been making me happy? Paul. Who’s Paul? Oh, only my super sexy┬áboyfriend. Yes. I know. I have a boyfriend. I’m as surprised as you are. My love life has, for the most part, been a train wreck. An entertaining train wreck, but a train wreck nonetheless. But not anymore. Yer gurl has found someone who not only tolerates her, but actually likes her. And ohmygod is he sexy. I mean, wow. In fact….I fancy him more than I fancy myself. Yes. Yes, I said it. And I mean it. I would rather look at him than look in a mirror. Holy shit. Would I actually? Yes. Yes. 100%. Fucking hell. That’s quite a lot for a narcissist to admit. Shit. Here’s a picture of me to get me back on track.


God, I’m so hot.

Anyway, yes. I’m happy. Ridiculously happy. Being 31 has gotten off to a great start. Despite being on my period and cramping hard, I woudn’t have it any other way. Life is fantastic and I’m gonna enjoy it.

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