Word UP!

Yes, it’s true. Wave your flags, sound off your cannons, and rejoice in the streets. I am back.

It’s been a while! My last post was in February, and you can imagine, a shit load has changed since then. Mainly this:

God, look how hot I am. I’m not gonna lie, Blonde Judy was SO MUCH FUN. I felt like Pamela Anderson.

You know what else has changed? WordPress. So, I’m writing this post, and all the bloody tools, and functions and nerd shit has changed, and I don’t know how to use it, and I am too impatient to sit through a tutorial, so I will figure it out.

Anyway, sidetrack. So yeah, a shit load has changed since I last posted, but aside from my banging new hair, I don’t really want to go into it. Some of lockdown was great, some was terrible, and there’s certain things I just don’t want to ever think about again, so let’s leave that there.

So why have I returned? Is it because I am the prodigal son and anyone stepping on me will get burned? No. It is because I have now passed my masters. WITH DISTINCTION!! Yeah, gurl!! I have a MA TV Fiction Writing (distinction)! I am so smart! I am so smart!

This means I am now on the job hunt for television writing related jobs (hire me, plz). I have mentioned the ole Fonmanu Creative on the CV, so thought, holy smokes Judy, you gotta make sure this website is up to date.

Do I now need to make it more professional? Like, talk about television related stuff instead of shagging (or huge lack of)? Or… just continue rambling? Tough choice. I think I’m gonna do a bit of both. Gonna try and do some writing, upload a couple of scripts/ideas. But make them about shagging (or huge lack of), and boom! Hey presto! Job in no time.

In summary: I am still alive. I am still hot. I am still smart.

One thought on “Word UP!

  1. Ash says:

    Everyone goes through daily struggles and whilst all struggle, many of us come out fighting, sadly many do not
    I guess what I am saying is that you’ve come out fighting and slaying them dragons and it’s an inspiration and support and it’s made my hour, day , second, (not in that order)
    Thank you and keep doing what your doing your great


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