How To Write A Show

A question I get asked a lot is “How are you so good looking?” A question I get asked less frequently is “How do you write a show?” My answer to both these questions is the same: I don’t know, it just happened.

I’ve never taken a writing class, so I’m not sure the actual, proper, formal way to structure a show. There is a lot of terminology that I don’t understand. I have a vague idea of what the 3 Act formula is, and I know the rough journey the story arc needs to go on. I’ve read a lot of plays, scripts, “how to” books. But, to be quite honest, I’m winging it.

I’m currently attempting to write 3 different scripts. Three. The first is a play. I’ve written one before, but not with this many characters. One is a short film, which I’ve also written before, but not with this little dialogue. The other is a one woman show, which I’ve never written before. I am hella out of my comfort zone. And I am struggling.

I’m rambling away trying to get all my ideas down on the screen, and just as I’m on a roll, I start to panic about structure. Does this flow well? Should this be here, or come alter, or not at all? Is this coherent? So then all my focus is on that and all that juicy, delicious content gets scrapped. And, let me tell you, once you’re out of that flow, it is hella hard to get back in to it. I’m balls deep in Buzzfeed quizzes at the moment. I’ve had 10 cups of tea. I’ve written this blog. Focus on your script, you dumb bitch.

I wish I could just write it and then edit it later, but for some reason my stupid dumb brain isn’t allowing me to do that. It needs to be perfect. Well, dumb brain, it’s never going to be perfect if it’s not written down. You can’t edit a blank screen. Just ramble like fuck, and then do a quiz. And then edit it.

I’m gonna attempt to focus.  After I’ve found out what donut I am.

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