The Bear Went Over The Mountain.

You may be familiar with the nursery rhyme “The Bear Went Over The Mountain”. Unsurprisingly it’s about a bear. And he goes over a mountain. He goes over to see what he can see. And all that he can see is the other side of the mountain. Now, for most humans this won’t come as a shock. Mountains have two sides. When you get to the top, unless it’s pure foggy, you’re gonna see the other side of the mountain. But how does the bear feel about this? Is this a nursery rhyme of woe or of wonderment? I’m not sure.

Let’s look at it from a pessimistic point of view. This bear has been living his life on one side of the mountain, seeing the same old trees and shit each day. He’s bored. He wants an adventure. He’s heard tales of the other side. What glorious treasures are hiding there? Perhaps it’s the hanging gardens of Babylon? Could it be a bear utopia where there is endless honey and picnic baskets? Maybe he’ll find the bear mate of his dreams and he’ll start a beautiful family, finally settle down and stop going from bear to bear. So much possibility. Up he trunders up the mountain, full of hope and joy, waiting, just waiting to see what the other side holds. But when he gets there, all that he can see is the other side of the mountain. A mirror image of his current life. More trees . More foliage. Probably a pheasant. His heart breaks. His hopes and dreams are shattered. It’s just the other side of the mountain.

But wait, he’s never seen this side of the mountain! His side doesn’t have that particular tree. Maybe if he climbs up it he will find that magical honey pot. There is so much to explore! There could be buried treasure! There could be a Kardashian! There could be anything! There is so much to see, it’s a whole other adventure and it’s waiting for him. He gallops off to see the other side of the mountain and embrace whatever the future holds. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN AWAITS!

If you ask me, this bear is one lucky fella.

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